#PensionsTensions Part 2: The Trustee Experience

July 2020
Region: Europe

Welcome to part 2 of our #PensionsTensions series of publications focusing on The Trustee Experience. Part 1 last week explored The Member Experience, examining the pressures around engagement, integration, flexibility and adequacy in an economy facing challenges posed by COVID-19.

Our #PensionsTensions campaign examines the key challenges currently facing UK pensions from various perspectives, in each case exploring four aspects, assigning each a #PressureMeasure (the higher the score the greater the pressure being faced) and giving our view on where further reflection might lead to welcome change.

In the second of our series of publications we focus on the Trustee Experience, examining the pressures around:

  • Resilience – How Well Have Pension Schemes Adapted to a New Way of Working?
  • Quality – Are Trustees Confident They Are Paying the Right Benefits at the Right Time?
  • Quantity – How Can Trustees Manage Their Business Effectively?
  • Evolution – How Could the Pandemic Change How Pension Schemes Are Run in Future?

Download our publication to find out more about these ongoing and emerging challenges.

Look out for our future publications which will be released each Tuesday over the coming weeks.