UK Prime Minister Announces Return to Homeworking in England

December 2021
Region: Europe

The UK Prime Minister’s announcement last night that England will “move to Plan B” in light of the rapid spread of the Omicron variant in the UK is one he had very much hoped not to have to make, but at least it will divert attention away from any festive bash that did not happen in Downing Street last year and who did not do what when they were not at it. “Plan B” refers to Plan B in the government’s Autumn and Winter COVID-19 Response Plan (first issued back in September), which sets out how it intends to help control transmission of the virus during the autumn and winter period. Ordinary usage also implies that it follows the failure of Plan A, but in view of the sudden emergence of Omicron, that would probably not be completely fair.

What does this latest announcement from the Prime Minister mean for employers?