Strategic Global Legal and Regulatory Issues Facing the Advertising, Media and Brands Industry

In partnership with BDO, we are delighted to share our Global Compliance Challenge Report.

The last few years have raised various challenges for businesses, which now face increasing economic, consumer, regulatory and compliance pressures.

We brought together our legal and policy experts across the UK, the EU and the US, as well as guest speakers from BDO and Retail Economics, to address how these trends are impacting the industry, and how businesses can best respond.

Our Global Compliance Challenge Report addresses a broad range of up-to-the-minute opportunities and threats that are currently facing the advertising, media and brands sector, with data, analysis and expert commentary to enhance the knowledge and confidence of business leaders who are navigating this dynamic landscape.

Whether you are looking for a market forecast, practical advice for the workforce, or wondering what the Metaverse is, this report offers value to businesses across the advertising, media and brands sector.