International Telecommunications Handbook – a UK Contribution

Partner Francesco Liberatore has authored the UK chapter of the prestigious second edition of the International Telecommunications Law handbook. This handbook is a comprehensive guide to the dynamic field of the telecommunications law, regulations and licensing practices and procedures of 38 countries, the EU, Mercosur and the North American Free Trade Agreement.

This publication is particularly timely given the changes adopted by Ofcom and the UK government in response to the adoption of the EU Electronic Communications Code, including changes to the Communications Act, Wireless Telegraphy Act and Enterprise Act, as well as Ofcom-related guidance. It also covers sector-specific competition law developments.

Francesco comments, “Every day, we support a range of businesses in this sector, from advising global satellite companies and large internet-based service providers, to successfully defending businesses against regulatory investigations, exercising our legal knowledge in this sector. In turn, we have the insight to produce a legal update for the UK, providing information in a practical and comprehensible format for businesses to gain real, practical use from. I hope this publication will be a valuable resource not only for legal practitioners, but also businesses in the communications sector that are currently navigating a rapidly evolving regulatory landscape.”

Francesco’s telecommunications law update for the UK is available via the download button, and the full version of International Telecommunications Law is available to purchase on Juris Publishing’s website.