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Telecoms & Digital Connectivity

Our specialist UK team is vastly experienced and has depth of expertise in advising across a broad range of telecoms matters, such as:

  • Acting for and against operators, occupiers, infrastructure providers and landowners.
  • Providing vacant possession strategies for landowner/ developer clients with operators exercising their rights under the Code.
  • In-house industry experience, deep knowledge and contacts within the industry to help resolve your issues, quickly and effectively.

This experience allows us to provide you with a 360-degree view of the issues you may encounter when dealing with telecoms and connectivity.

Our team also includes specialist Land Compensation lawyers who are vastly experienced and have depth of expertise in advising across a broad range of land compensation matters, including Compulsory Purchase, Part 1 Claims, Energy and Utilities and Flood Alleviation.

Our experience includes:

  • Code Lease renewal negotiations – Assisting with negotiations and advising on the recent changes on investment returns.
  • Evicting operators – When asked to leave the site, operators often try and rely on complex legal provisions to avoid them having to leave. The legal rights that they have can stifle development proposals at a peak time of the market activity. We are experienced in negotiating with operators to ensure equipment is removed from sites in a timely fashion, reducing serious delays to development proposals.
  • Break options – Landowners are currently going to terminate/determine/break their commitments on land/sites due to the change of the Code.
  • Estate management – Issues can arise due to the way operators deal with sites once an agreement is in place. In our experience, the most common disputes relate to access, upgrades and site sharing.
  • Policy – Advising landowners/site providers and developers on recent changes in the legislation, in particular, the Code and forthcoming legislation.
  • Industry changes – We are very familiar with major telecoms portfolio reorganizations and have advised on setting up joint ventures, allocation of “active” and “passive” assets, data roam, network sharing and transfer of property interests.
  • Wayleaves – Assisting with negotiations regarding wayleaves with operators, occupiers, site providers and other third parties.
  • Wi-Fi (in particular, the installation of Wi-Fi including DAS systems and broadband) – Advising property investors, developers and occupiers about rights to install, feasibility, sharing the system and recovery of costs.
  • Data centers – Acting for data center companies and occupiers, advising on disputes about electricity outages, electricity and other charges and access issues.

We understand the uncertainties involved in resolving compensation matters, particularly the prospect of pursuing legal proceedings in the courts or the Tribunal. Our aim is to manage risk at each stage of the process and achieve an effective resolution to the case as efficiently as possible. Below are just some of the ways we can work with you to deal with your case and reduce costs risk.

Case Management

Our aim is to give our clients control of their cases while minimizing administrative costs wherever possible. To assist, we offer the facility of a tailored online case management portal system which provides our clients with online real-time access to relevant case information and documents. This helps our clients keep up to date with case progress remotely and has proven to lead directly to a reduction in overall legal spend.

Costs Expertise

We always work with our clients to seek to limit costs risk, both prior to and throughout formal legal proceedings. We work closely with our in-house specialist costs team to provide expert costs advice relevant to compensation cases, including costs rules that apply in the Tribunal that offer potential opportunities for parties in appropriate cases to eliminate or reduce the potential risk of adverse costs orders being made against them in legal proceedings.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

We are keen proponents of the use of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) procedures, such as mediation and early neutral evaluation, in compensation cases where appropriate. In every case, we actively encourage our clients to consider using ADR as an effective means to resolve compensation disputes and avoid often lengthy and costly litigation proceedings, wherever possible. We are experienced in using all types of ADR procedures and have represented acquiring authorities and claimant clients in successful compensation mediations in recent years. We are proud of our strong track record in resolving compensation cases through ADR. Our peers acknowledge us for our proactive use of ADR and the high volume of compensation cases where we have successfully pursued ADR on behalf of our clients.

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