Legal NewsBITE: Food and Drink Quarterly

June 2022
Region: Europe

Welcome to Legal newsBITE: Food and Drink Quarterly, put together by our UK food and drink team. Articles this quarter include:

  • Delay to New Rules in England Restricting Promotion and Advertisement of High Fat, Salt and Sugar (HFSS) Products (But No Delay in Relation to Placement Provisions)
  • Czech Food and Drink Federation Launches New Database for Reformulation Efforts
  • UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) Adds Fully Refined Corn (Maize) Oil to Previously Issued Advice to Consumers Regarding Sunflower Oil Shortages
  • Blockchain for Exports – Italy Launches Tech Initiative to Tackle Counterfeiting and Fake Italian-sounding Products
  • European Commission Consults on the Revision of Food Waste Rules
  • European Commission Consults on a Sustainable Food Systems Initiative
  • End of the Five Star Burnt Lasagne? UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) Plans to Tackle Fake Online Reviews
  • UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) Publishes Top Tips to Businesses Advertising Free Trials
  • Crackdown on Gambling Ads Featuring Sports Stars: New UK Advertising Rules
  • FSA Plans New UK Food Safety Network to Tackle £9 Billion Food Poisoning Challenge
  • UK FSA Makes Final Call to Businesses to Submit Evidence for the Cannabidiol (CBD) List
  • European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) Seeks Comments on Phthalates in Food Contact Materials (FCMs)
  • European Commission Publishes Evaluation of Food Contacts Materials Regulation
  • New German Legislation Requiring Mandatory Supply Chain Due Diligence for Human Rights Violations and Environmental Breaches

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