People at the Centre: Mid-way Point 2022 – Labour and Employment Review

June 2022
Region: Global

In the last edition of People at the Centre, we set out three areas to watch for HR and legal counsel who are aiming to meet the requirements of the “social” strand of ESG – DEI Agenda, Corporate Culture in a Changing Legal Landscape and planned Employment Law Developments. In this edition, we provide further insight into hot topics such as DEI and corporate culture, with a focus on workforce reporting and the growing trend of workplace investigations. We also provide an update on global employment law developments.

ESG presents an opportunity for HR and legal counsel to take the lead in “how” things are done to ensure the best interests of their people, regardless of the “what”. With the momentum for building back better showing no signs of abating, HR and legal counsel can only take the lead in setting an agenda that places people truly at the centre.