Legal NewsBITE: Food and Drink Quarterly

December 2022
Region: Europe

Welcome to Legal newsBITE: Food and Drink Quarterly, put together by our UK food and drink team. Articles this quarter include:

  • UK Regulators Crack Down on “Greenwashing”
  • Further Delays to Restrictions on TV and Online Advertising of Products High in Fat, Salt or Sugar (HFSS) to October 2025
  • UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) Launches Consultation on Proposed Food Law Code of Practice in Relation to a New Food Standards Delivery Model
  • Food Supply Chain Comes Into EU's Antitrust Sights
  • FSA Publishes Food Safety Charter for Food Delivery Platforms
  • ASA Publishes Research on Consumer Understanding of Environmental Claims
  • Perspectives on Evolving Regulatory Landscape for US Food and Beverage
  • FSA Publishes New Research on the Survival of COVID-19 on Food and Packaging
  • Market Volatility and Hedging Risk: Potential Impact on Food Businesses
  • God Save the Queen’s Royal Warrant Holders
  • UK Regulators Step Up the Pressure on Influencer Marketing: Principles for Platforms, Brands and Content Creators
  • FSA Warns Consumers That Some Poultry Products on Sale During This Festive Period May Have Been Previously Frozen and Defrosted to Maintain Stock Levels: Another Example of Relaxations to Ease Supply Chain Pressures
  • Update on Deposit Return Schemes
  • “Brexit Freedoms Bill’” Introduced to Parliament
  • Advertising, Media and Brands Global Compliance Series 2022/23

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