AI and the Law in Australia and Abroad – A Risk and Regulatory Approach

December 2023
Region: Asia Pacific

The scope and speed of developments in artificial intelligence (AI) have outpaced the expectations of many in industry and AI is now revolutionising thinking around the world. AI is already having a transformative impact on business, but it has become clear that we have yet to fully understand the potential applications, advantages and efficiencies, and the risks that come with it.

While different forms of AI have been around for some years, in 2023, it is generative AI that has really captured people’s attention. As it does so, people are more closely considering both the benefits and risks of AI. Lawyers are central in the process of seeking to understand the risks and appropriately respond.

Our report, “AI and the Law in Australia and Abroad – A Risk and Regulatory Approach”, intends to help businesses on their journey of understanding the current position and future of AI from a legal perspective. We provide a comprehensive overview of the regulatory landscape in different jurisdictions, identify some of the risks associated with AI, and provide practical guidance on how to mitigate these risks and to successfully implement AI into your business.