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What Will the UK Government’s Proposals for Employment Law Reform Mean for Your Business? Holidays and Holiday Pay

June 2023
Region: Europe

During our two recent webinars we discussed the UK government’s proposed employment law reforms and what they mean for your business.

The government has announced a number of proposed changes to employment law, as part of its review of retained EU law “to ensure that our regulations are tailored to the needs of the UK economy and help create the conditions for growth”.

A number of the proposals can be described as “tinkering around the edges”, but there are two key changes that could have more significant implications for businesses operating in the UK, namely the proposed amendments to the Working Time Regulations 1998 concerning holidays and holiday pay, and the introduction of a three-month statutory time limit on non-compete provisions.

Webinar 2: Holidays and Holiday Pay

The government has issued a consultation containing details on its proposals, including the creation of a new single statutory annual leave entitlement with new rules on the minimum rate that holiday pay should be paid at, and the introduction of “rolled-up” holiday pay for all workers.

In the second webinar, we covered:

  • A brief overview of the current position
  • The government’s proposals for change – potential benefits and challenges for employers
  • What issues employers should be considering now

Download a copy of the presentation materials (pdf).

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