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    Since the UK’s decision to leave the European Union in June 2016 we have been providing our clients with support including undertaking careful analysis of the potential impact Brexit will have on them and the industries in which they operate.

    With more than 1,500 lawyers and an industry-leading Public Policy team, we have decades of experience to support our clients through this legal and political uncertainty. Our team includes former members of the UK Parliament, former USTR and WTO officials, Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) and senior regulators, as well as European Free Trade Association (EFTA) officials, ex-ambassadors and national government ministers. They work collaboratively with our legal practitioners who master all relevant areas of law likely to be affected Brexit, such as international trade, regulated industries (e.g. financial services), tax and competition.

    Our Brexit team operates on a cross-continent, cross-border basis, ensuring that our clients’ voices are heard at the right time and in the right places. We understand that the ultimate outcome will depend not on just what the UK wants, but what the other key stakeholders will agree.

    For further information and up-to-date opinion pieces please visit our Brexit legal blog.

    How We Can Support You

    Our Brexit-related services fall into the following categories:

    • Monitoring
    • Analysis
    • Planning and preparation
    • Engagement

    Client-specific monitoring services offer the strongest combination of legal, regulatory and government advocacy expertise to provide the most effective advice and assistance to clients affected by Brexit. Based on monitoring and other intelligence, we provide custom impact assessments and analyses from a legal, regulatory and policy angle. Armed with this information, we design and implement strategies to mitigate the risk and uncertainty that Brexit brings. 

    Brexit Status Update Report

    This is a bespoke report that summarises Brexit developments to date. The report covers legislative, regulatory and policy developments of specific relevance to each client. It is a bespoke “Where Are We Now” document, which acts as a starting point from which our monitoring and impact assessments and analysis will build. 


    Following on from a Brexit Status Update report, we provide a monitoring service tailored to our clients’ requirements and designed to ensure that all major legislative, regulatory and policy developments arising from Brexit. We agree areas of particular interest and reporting regularity with each client.  

    Monitoring areas can include:

    • Immigration
    • Labour and employment
    • Financial services, insurance and other regulated industries
    • Commercial contracts
    • Distribution arrangements
    • Data privacy and cybersecurity
    • Intellectual property rights
    • Trade and customs
    • Tax
    • Industry-specific issues


    Based on monitoring, we provide tailored impact assessments from a legal, regulatory and policy angle. The developments are analysed by our legal and policy experts so that the information clients receive is actionable, reportable and supports the making of sound business decisions. 

    Planning and Preparation

    Armed with this information and analysis, we assist clients in designing and implementing strategies for their UK, EU27, US, Asia Pacific, Australian and wider global operations, which help mitigate the risks and uncertainties due to Brexit. We help you “see around corners” in order to plan and prepare contingency measures for Brexit. 


    Our Public Policy, International Trade and Regulatory teams can actively engage with key policymakers as they develop post-Brexit strategy. This engagement draws on the expertise of our extensive team. We know with whom to communicate, what to communicate and how best to communicate our clients’ interests.

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