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Digital Currency and Blockchain Technology

In recent years, cryptocurrencies have proliferated in increasing variety and visibility.  With this explosion in digital currency and Initial Coin Offerings comes interest and international investment in blockchain technology use cases outside of the digital currency context.  This technology revolution is disrupting an ever-growing number of industries, from the financial sector to supply chain management to the energy markets and more.

Companies seeking a first-mover benefit from blockchain technology must consider and address a wide range of technological, legal and regulatory challenges.  Additionally, blockchain and digital currencies bring unique concerns and issues for data protection and security, intellectual property ownership, and litigation liability.

The cryptocurrency and blockchain revolution has arrived.  The total market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies grew to over $1 Trillion in 2018.  Driving this growth are myriad new industry players, including not just cryptocurrency issuers and exchanges but also companies that provide payment processing and escrow services, mining hardware, investment advice, digital wallets, and other related services.   

Simultaneously, companies across the spectrum of industries are exploring diverse use cases for blockchain technology.  Companies are actively employing blockchain technology for use in global remittances, foreign exchange, cloud storage, supply chain management, data storage and sharing, internet streaming, intellectual property registration, property recording, and more. 

Meanwhile, regulators across the globe are grappling with how and whether to apply existing laws and regulations to this new technology, and companies in the space are searching for legal advice as to how they can comply.

Squire Patton Boggs has a deep bench to handle these cryptocurrency and blockchain issues and is engaged in these issues across our global platform for dozens of clients. With a diverse mix of capabilities and experience across a broad range of practice groups and jurisdictions, we can address the regulatory, public policy, legal and technological implications resulting from the cryptocurrency/blockchain revolution.

Why Choose Us

  • Counsel to one of the world’s most prominent  cryptocurrency exchanges, providing consumer litigation defense and advice on intellectual property, risk management, government regulation, and contract management.
  • Counsel to ICO issuers and exchanges across the globe, including Europe, the U.S., and Asia, with expertise in regulatory compliance in a variety of jurisdictions.
  • Counsel to numerous companies exploring and investing in alternative uses for blockchain, including a large commercial bank investing in a blockchain settlements and payments business and a European land registry creating a blockchain-based digital streets initiative.
  • Expertise with compliance in relevant regulatory fields, including securities, commodities, and money service business regulation.
  • Preeminent public policy and regulatory practices with global experience in the FinTech industry and professionals formerly working in government, including at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and the Commodities Futures Trading Commission.
  • Representation of a broad range of technology companies across the globe, from startups to established multinationals.
  • Diverse mix of capabilities and experience across a number of practice groups that can address the full range of legal, regulatory and public policy implications resulting from the cryptocurrency/blockchain revolution.
  • Experienced commercial and technology transactions attorneys who help both large financial institutions and startups.