Talk to the Experts Virtual Discussion Forum: Multi-country M&A Is Getting More Complex: Evolving FDI Regimes Across the UK, France, Germany, Italy and the US

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    International M&A practitioners are used to dealing with CFIUS for any transaction involving assets in the US. The Europeans M&A practitioners are, however, catching up, and many multijurisdictional deals will now face clearance in a number of countries. The latest addition to the list, the UK National Security and Investment Bill, is broad in scope and potentially far-reaching in coverage. Deals now potentially face multiple levels of scrutiny, each with its own scope, trigger criteria, potential remedies, etc., and the scrutiny is likely to be more subjective and less predictable than practitioners are used to with merger clearance.

    To help navigate this complex landscape, we invite you to a discussion on the different regimes in place over key jurisdictions.

    The following panellists will discuss the relevant rules:

    • George Grammas, partner, International Trade, Washington DC
    • Oliver Geiss, partner, Competition – Antitrust, Brussels
    • Francesco Liberatore, partner, Competition – Antitrust, London
    • Diarmuid Ryan, partner, Competition – Antitrust, London
    • Tony Reed, EMEA chair of the global Corporate Practice, Paris
    • Matthew Kirk, international affairs advisor, London

    As usual, questions will be invited from the audience before and during this discussion.