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Buyer’s Remorse – Enforcing Your Rights When Acquisitions Go Wrong

Region: Europe
14 September 2022
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A recording of this webinar is now available online

Despite best intentions, some business acquisitions do not turn out as planned. The situation within a business may not always be as it was presented, and unanticipated issues may arise after the deal is done.

Drawing on our practical experience of helping buyers navigate post-acquisition issues, this webinar considers what to do to mitigate the financial consequences of a poorly performing acquisition, including:

  • Making, preserving and pursuing warranty or indemnity claims
  • Clawbacks and deferred consideration
  • Dealing with material non-disclosures
  • Quantifying and mitigating losses
  • Other routes to recovery

This session will be of interest to institutional investors, frequent acquirers and sellers, and others involved in M&A activity.

This webinar is the final of our series designed to provide insight into litigation risks in M&A activity and how to avoid them.

Our first webinar “Skeletons in the Cupboard – Assessing Litigation Risk in Target Businesses” dealt with how to effectively assess the risk and impact of threatened and existing litigation within a target business.

Our second webinar ““Future-proof”: Catering for Disputes Risks in M&A Transaction Documents” dealt with how effective negotiations before agreeing the deal can help to regulate the post-acquisition relationship.

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