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Supporting Neurodiverse Employees

Region: Europe
13 October 2022
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A recording of the webinar and a compilation of top tips for supporting neurodiverse employees (pdf) are available online.

Join us for a thought-provoking, virtual panel debate that explores the importance of breaking down barriers so as to ensure all employees are included, treated fairly and afforded equal opportunities in the workplace.

In a discussion that will focus on neurodiversity, we are delighted to be joined by two guest speakers.

Kate Dean is the director of Enable Disability & Inclusion Consultants. She will discuss designing a workplace that supports and encourages neurodiverse staff.

Felicity Carter, programme manager for Employ Autism at Ambitious about Autism, will specifically address issues around supporting autistic employees.

David Regan, a director in our Labour & Employment Practice, will host the conversation and provide legal insight into the issues discussed.

Login details for the webinar will be provided upon registration and available from the diary appointment that we politely request you “Add to Calendar” upon completion of the registration process, or from the confirmation email that you will subsequently receive.

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