Company Voluntary Arrangements (CVAs): Support for the Retail and Hospitality Sector and Considerations for Landlords

August 2021
Region: Europe

Welcome to our CVA central hub. Our hub features related guides and alerts to support our clients with practical guidance and reflections on the most recent CVA challenges and recent case law.

Making Sense of CVAs Post New Look and Regis

A UK Retailer’s Perspective
This alert looks at the CVA landscape post New Look and Regis, outlining, in particular, how a CVA can (or cannot) be used to modify and restructure leases.

A UK Landlord’s Perspective: Rent Reductions and Modification of Lease Terms
There is not a “one size fits all” approach when assessing the fairness of a CVA and the terms of a company’s proposal need to be considered on an individual basis. However, there a number of useful takeaways following the recent decisions in New Look and Regis that are helpful to landlords considering a CVA proposal that amends lease terms. In this alert, we consider rent reductions and modified lease terms.

A UK Landlord’s Perspective: Voting and Disclosure
This alert considers what those CVA challenge cases tell landlords about calculating a landlord’s claim for voting purposes and the disclosure requirements.

COVID-19 Arrears of Rent: An Uphill Struggle for UK Commercial Landlords?
Many landlords have faced significant financial pressure as a result of the protective measures designed to assist tenants during the pandemic. This alert considers what landlords are doing now to recover rent arrears and what the future might hold when new legislation comes into force that will prescribe how landlords will have to deal with accrued arrears.

Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) Challenges UK Quick Guide
This guide is intended to highlight those areas that will need to be taken into account when reviewing a CVA and where there could be grounds for challenge.

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