Legal NewsBITE: Food and Drink Quarterly

December 2021

Welcome to Legal NewsBITE: Food and Drink Quarterly, put together by our UK food and drink team. Articles this quarter include:

  • French Competition Authority Issues Statement of Objections for Alleged Collusion on BPA in Packaging
  • German Coalition Announces Measures to Accelerate Shift to “Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems”
  • Implementation Guidance on Calorie Labelling in the Out of Home Sector
  • European Commission Fines Conserve Italia for Participating in Canned Vegetables Cartel
  • Environment Agency (EA) Launches Project to Tackle Greenwashing in UK Food and Drink Sectors
  • First Sanction From UK ASA for Greenwashing
  • Updated Guidance and Draft Regulations for UK Plastic Packaging Tax
  • Food Standards Agency (FSA) Response to Report on Food Safety and Standards: Increased Sampling Surveillance
  • Sentencing Guidelines Consultation – Possible Impact on Food Safety Sentencing in Relation to Compensation
  • Dealing With Defamation on Social Media
  • UK FSA View on the Year Ahead

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