UK Holiday and Holiday Pay Checklist

March 2024
Region: Europe

As we highlighted in our alert, there have been a number of changes recently to the Working Time Regulations 1998 in relation to holidays and holiday pay. If you have not done so already, now is the time to review your holiday/holiday pay practices to ensure they are compliant with the new statutory obligations and that you are minimising the scope for any future claims arising from noncompliance.

To assist you, we have put together a ten-point checklist, which highlights the following key issues for you to consider.

  1. Review How You Calculate Statutory Holiday Pay for Your Workforce
  2. Take a Look at the Holiday/Holiday Pay Clauses in Your Contracts
  3. Consider the Holiday/Holiday Pay Arrangements for Any Irregular-hours/Part-year Workers, e.g. Casual Workers
  4. Do You Want to Introduce Rolled-up Holiday Pay?
  5. Review the Status of Any Self-employed Individuals To Ensure You Are Comfortable That They Are Genuinely Self-employed
  6. Check Any Rules Governing the Carry-over of Leave
  7. “Use It or Lose It” – Ensure You Are Reminding Your Staff To Take Leave or They May Lose It
  8. Monitor the Taking of Holidays
  9. Corporate Transactions – Carry Out Due Diligence
  10. Leave Affected by COVID-19

If you have any questions in relation to these, please speak to one of the partners listed below or your usual contact in the Labour & Employment team.