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Top Ten Things In-House Counsel Should Consider About AI

June 2023
Region: Global

The rapid developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) are bringing AI tools to the forefront of corporate practices. In this webinar, we address the top ten issues you should be considering with the use of AI at your company.

  1. Understanding the terms of art for AI
  2. AI is already regulated in many jurisdictions – what key stakeholders need to know about AI risks and regulation
  3. Legislative momentum and regulatory activity is rapidly increasing – what’s coming down the pipe?
  4. Key elements of effective AI governance frameworks
  5. Ensuring effective mitigation of potential harms to the company, individuals and third parties
  6. AI and respecting data subject rights
  7. Effective contracting for AI in a rapidly evolving landscape
  8. The use of AI is in regulators’ and litigants’ crosshairs – identifying the key areas of risk and how to avoid them
  9. Cybersecurity and incident response
  10. Why AI governance is not just a compliance imperative but also a business imperative

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