#PensionsTensions – Campaign Progress Report

    View Author September 2020

    In July 2020, we launched our new campaign – #PensionsTensions – looking at the challenges being faced by UK pension schemes, both generally and more specifically, in relation to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). Our initial activity looked at aspects of #PensionsTensions from the perspectives of The Member Experience, The Trustee Experience, The Employer Experience and The Investment Experience. From each perspective, we considered four areas of tension and gave each one a #PressureMeasure rating.

    Coincident with Pensions Awareness Day 2020, we are delighted to share our #PensionsTensions campaign progress report, which provides an opportunity to:

    • Pause for reflection on the campaign to date, reviewing the four perspectives we covered (the member experience, the trustee experience, the employer experience and the investment experience) and highlighting the areas of #PensionsTensions that we think have a more pressing need for action or reform
    • Provide you with our forecast on the areas of #PensionsTensions where we envisage higher or lower pressure over the coming months
    • Present our views on the #PensionsTensions on the horizon as the industry continues to evolve and new challenges arise

    Our #PensionsTensions campaign will continue to gain momentum over the coming months and we would welcome your feedback and engagement on the topics you would like us to cover or to build on. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of the #PensionsTensions team.