Legal NewsBITE: Food and Drink Quarterly

March 2024
Region: Europe

Welcome to Legal newsBITE: Food and Drink Quarterly, put together by our food and drink team. Articles this quarter include:

  • UK Consultation on “Fairer and Clearer” Labelling
  • UK Coroner Report Into Peanut Allergy Death Published
  • CMA to Launch a Market Study Into the Infant Formula Market in the UK
  • German Court Found Filling Quantity to Be Misleading Despite Correct Claim
  • New Allocation of Tips Laws Expected in the UK From July
  • Food Safety Conviction for Michelin-starred Chef in Italy
  • New Duty on UK Employers to Prevent Sexual Harassment at Work Comes Into Force in October 2024
  • UK Border Target Operating Model (BTOM) – Common Errors on Import Documentation and Further Controls From 30 April
  • Consultation on “Not for EU Labelling” for Agri-food Products Supplied in Great Britain – Opposition Likely
  • Sentences of Imprisonment for Poultry Fraud
  • EU Proposal for a Ban on BPA in Food Contact Materials
  • New EU Packaging Rules to be Adopted Soon
  • EU Parliament’s Stance on the Fight Against Food Waste
  • UK FSA Board Papers Confirm Proposed Legislation for Precision Breeding
  • UK Production Manager Fined for Obstruction of National Food Crime Unit (NFCU)
  • Does Copyright Protection and Competition Law Apply to AI That Could Be Used in the Food Industry?
  • Campaign to Warn of Risks of Vegan Labelling for Allergy Sufferers

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