COVID-19: The Future World of Work: FAQs on Post-lockdown Holidays

Working on the basis that the first thing most people will wish to do when allowed to return to the workplace is go abroad on holiday, here are some FAQs around your rights and obligations as an employer.

Far less of this is law than good employment relations practice, but do keep in mind that after 15 months substantially confined to their own sofa or a ludicrously inflated B&B in Broadstairs, and with no sign yet of 2020’s good weather in mitigation, your staff’s pent-up psychological need for time out of the country will now be little short of visceral – news reports this week refer to 80 flights a day leaving the UK for Spain and we are not even supposed to be going there in the first place. You can expect staff emotions on this to run as hot as a plastic sunbed, so keeping a cool head on these issues while all around are losing theirs will be a key skill for HR. That is, unless you got to the holiday booking system first, in which case, well played and do send us a postcard.